Installation of Electrical Boards and Circuits
We carry out point-to-point construction and guide automated assembly according to IPC standards.
Product Assembly
We assemble products or semi-finished modules following customer's documentation, assemble knock-down kits, and encapsulate electronic devices in accordance to IP68.
We develop or use ready-made industrial test benches to trial circuit boards, electronic components, or semi-finished modules.
Production Logistics
We procure and store component for circuit boards, employ machining contractors and endorse only the best ones. We work on optimizing the technology embedded by developers and recommend ways to improve it.
Preparatory Activities
We prepare cables, sub-assemblies, and cases for the assembly: from filing bright to gluing in displays.

Mobile dromograph (blood flow meter) for long-term monitoring

The device is intended for long-term non-invasive monitoring of blood flow velocity in the radial and other arteries adapted to the simultaneous control of heart rate and blood pressure changes, as well as pulse-wave velocity (optional). Developed jointly with Novosibirsk State University

Mobile X-ray device

The X-ray unit is designed to be used under severe Russian conditions and in the field. Uniscan participated in designing the device and custom-makes some of its components

Compact device for rapid measurement of pork fatback melting temperature

By order of the Rossiyskie Myasoprodukty holding, we have developed a device to solve problems of quality control of purchased pork fatback. By virtue of the device design, you only need one touch to choose a ready-to-measure sample from an unprepared and even frozen cut.

System for automated profile geometry control

Scanfex consists of special software and a scanner with a sliding cover serving. The system is meant for dimensional inspection of profile samples up to 10 cm high and 210 × 297 mm large.
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Unmarketable Stock
Sometimes we have to buy large batches of parts and components even if the contract does not require as much. We try to fit this residual stock, yet there are some 'leftovers' we did not manage to make use of.

If you are interested in something, we will happily negotiate on offloading the excess stock. Contact us at
Registered office
14, Krasny Ave., Novosibirsk, 630007

Warehouse address
26, Inzhenernaya St., Novosibirsk, 630090

+7 (383) 363–50–99

Если вам нужна помощь в изготовлении прибора, его разработке,
или вы просто хотите обсудить приборостроение — пишите нам
Registered office
14, Krasny Ave., Novosibirsk, 630007

Warehouse address
26, Inzhenernaya St., Novosibirsk, 630090

+7 (383) 363–50–99
If you need help in device manufacturing, development,
or just want to discuss instrumentation, please feel free to contact us